This Little Piggy…Went To Starbucks

I normally don’t drink any caffeine, not because I don’t need it.  Yet, I have been on an iced, soy, chia tea latte’ kick for over a month now, and find myself a regular in the drive-thru at Starbucks.  This applies to Officer, my mini pig, as well, whom I assure you is, “Bye-Be” car, in the backseat.

Starbuck staff love Officer and we love them, and they show us by generously rewarding Officer with bananas – his favorite!  I can’t even say Starbuck’s anymore, let alone place my order when we arrive, without Officer snorting, groaning, and speaking all kinds of “pig latin”.

Today, however, as I was running errands around town, with Officer in tow, I noticed the amount of fruit I, or rather Officer was receiving.  I went to pick up my black cat’s Prozac prescription, for OCD, when the lady working the Walgreen’s drive-thru about died when a pig stuck it’s head out the window and snorted at her.  Her instant love with obvious.

As she handed me the Prozac, she also gave to me, or rather my backseat companion, two beautiful Florida oranges.

Arriving home, I contemplated the fruit supply on the passenger seat.  Determining it looked much better than what I buy at my local grocers, I decided next week we’ll hit the other side of town and maybe get lucky with strawberries…and Maine Lobster.

Ironic how the “bacon” is bring home the dinner.

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