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Black Sheep Tries Bleach is an all-original collection of honest humor dealing with daily life and relatable situations. This book is the modern day survival guide for all who have struggled with life’s growing pains—and lived to laugh about it.

What most of us are thinking, Lee Volpe has been saying out loud for years in her popular blog and in live appearances (often alongside her pet mini pig, Officer). Finally, Volpe has given her fans a full book of her predicaments and possibilities for LOL (laugh out loud) moments. You may soon find yourself asking, What would Lee do?

“I’m a new Lee Volpe fan but now, I don’t think she can ever get rid of me. Her type of humor speaks directly to who I am as a comedian. Finding the funny in the simplest of moments and interactions and then layering the comedic moments with meaning and emotion is a true gift. More important than speaking to me as a comedian, it spoke to me as a human. It made appreciate the humor of sex, aging…and death. As a male, the inside view of a woman’s sex life was as funny as it was revealing. Her stories stayed with me and made me want some more. I can’t wait to pick up her book again…and again…and again.”

Will Luera,
Director of Improvisational Comedy, Florida Studio Theatre, Sarasota, Florida

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