Moonshine Swine

Moonshine Swine

Officer, my mini pig, is usually easy to please.  He loves food, sunshine, green grass, a comfy bed — and Mommy.  However, should more than one of these thing be missing, we will have a depressed lil pork butt to contend with.

Living in Florida we get a lot of sunshine, we are the “Sunshine State” after all.  Yet with the sun must come the rain, and afternoon showers are common.  I am not God where I can control the weather, just as I am not a hermit.  Therefore, I’m not able to be with Officer every minute of every day.  When I leave on a cloudy or rainy day, I typically come home to find that Officer has rearranged the house in his spare time.

It looks as if someone broke in and redecorated!  Dining room chairs are now apart of the living room motif.  Decorative pillows are littering the floor, cause let’s face it, they look better there.  Pantry doors are wide open, for that “lived-in” feel.  And right in the middle of it all, usually sound asleep after all his hard work, is Officer.

This has become customary behavior of Officer when NOT happy — until today.

Unusually cold and windy this week, I arrived home to find my lil pork rind breaking into the liquor cabinet!


Caught in the clutches of a downward spiral, I am sure by the summer showers, Officer will need a full-on intervention.

While Officer tried drowning his sorrows, the cat’s, Uncle Put and Lucky Bastard, obviously learned a few moves from their brother.  They redecorated too!  They painted my bathroom with nail polish — PURPLEPurple with a Purpose to be exact!


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