Lucky Bastard Volpe

Too often I go to my hairdresser and come home not just blonde, but with another four-legged child.  We can all thank her for Officer.

Back in October, I went to get my hair done, left blonde, and with an emaciated cat, needing immediate attention in the back of my car.

A medical miracle, having a herniated abdomen, leaving no room in his chest for his lungs to expand, I rescued “Lucky Bastard” from her driveway, which he was making his personal litter box.
I had no idea what I was about to get myself into by helping this poor creature other’s had turned a blind eye to.

Lucky’s owner of 6 years, impregnated some female, who demanded he be put outside when the baby was born.

Lucky wasn’t so “lucky” back then…his name was Toby.  He was either hit by a car, or someone kicked him – HARD!

He had multiple issues, but he had fight, and more importantly, heart.  He came home to live with us and quickly became a part of our family.

For 6 months that Bastard survived…lived, played, loved, and was loved.
For 6 months we were “lucky”, we were lucky to have had LB in our lives.
Sandpaper Kisses Luck Luck!
Should you find a”beastie” in need of help, contact you local Humane Society or Non-Kill Shelter. 
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    • © Lee Volpe
      © Lee Volpe says:

      Thank You for your kind words!
      I will miss the many memories yet to be made and being able to share them.
      Happy to have known and loved the Lucky Bastard and pray he’s breathing easy these days 🙂


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