I’m In The White Car Behind The Port-O-Potty

  I know people experience déjà vu, bird poop and pennies (Lincoln up) are good luck; you’ve been told not to cross paths with a black cat – I don’t know what it means when you live with one.

However, since Fall of 2014, I have become way too familiar with Suncoast Portable Sanitation, as I have accompanied them along countless familiar roads and highways.

What is the significance of finding yourself regularly following Port-O-Potty sanitation trucks?

As I contemplated this further, I concluded there are a lot more people pooping outside than I realized.

Sitting at the left red arrow, staring up at this chalky grey box, attached loosely by thick straps – double looped, waiting for the light to change, I mused:

 If that thing lands on me, I don’t think it’ll be good luck like bird poop; more like Biff’s crash in the movie “Back To The Future”…

When the light changed, we turned, continuing on the one lane road for the next three or four miles, when suddenly I laughed…God forbid I died from a Port-O-Potty landing on me, that would be totally appropriate – and funny.
It could happen too, stranger things have.  I knew a lady who had the ceiling fall on her while she was in the hospital!
I must say, my last words would definitely be, OH, SHIT!
…but seriously, what a crappy way to die. 
 …humor happens
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