Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…Your Blind, Your Hispanophones

I never considered the visually disabled when designing my logo.

I am specifically referring to a commonly inherited, predominantly male, handicap know as color blindness. It only recently occurred to me when my logo, which contains the letters of my name, received a comment on my website.

One reader wrote, “All I see are the letters of, ‘LOVE PEOPLE’. I dig!”

Having an Italian father who was impaired with this very condition, though he’d never admit it – or the fact he was only 5 foot, 6 inches, prepared me to navigate this terrain.

My viewer was male – and color blind. Most likely suffering from red-green color blindness. Unfortunately, someone with this kind of visual deficiency would confuse red with yellow and beige, which are the colors I chose for my logo. Therefore, never seeing my name, Lee Volpe, at all.

Ironic. My website is becoming very popular – in Mexico…where no one speaks English!

I finally have an English speaking fan commenting, and he can’t see shit!

…humor happens

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