#FML Moment 10

I had been having construction going on at my house and the final step was painting.

The painter showed up, assistant in tow, and began applying my chosen color samples to the wall.

I’m friendly, too friendly I’ve been told – which gets me in trouble most of the time, and obviously the painter was feeling comfortable with my accommodating attitude.

While his partner continued working, he began telling me his life story: concentrating on his recent release from prison, finding Jesus, and the Church of What’s Happenin’ Now.

Fifteen minutes later his assistant finished and it was time for me to make my final decision.

Happy our conversation was almost at a close, I asked the painter his opinion of the two colors on the left.

He told me he was colorblind and consulted with his partner instead.

The assistant looked, and finally replied, “I’m blind in my left eye and can only make out the two colors on the right.”




…humor happens

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