Florida Snowbirds and Lovebugs: They’re Heeeere!!!

Snowbirds are like lovebugs, and here are some reasons why:



  • Snowbirds are a species of human that annually migrate to warmer climates from their Midwestern tundra habitats.
  • Heat also attracts lovebugs.


  • At certain times of the year their sheer numbers are so abundant in areas that they become a serious traffic hazard to anyone fool enough to take to the road, and are a nuisance to any Florida motorist.
  • Lovebugs can impair your vision due to their suicides on your windshield. Your wipers can’t remove their body parts, so don’t bother trying.  Also, they can ruin the paint on your car, clog your radiator, and cause overheating.


  • They congregate in unbelievable numbers along highways, and are slow-moving, especially in the “fast lane”.
  • Lovebugs mate in flight, drunkenly wobble around, and have no sense of direction.


  • Floridians favorite time of year is Snowbird Season – yeah right!
  • Lovebugs arrive at the same time.


  • Finally,…they are annoying.
  • So are lovebugs.



…humor happens

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