Calories Burned In 30 Minutes

Laughing = 40

Sex for a man = 100

Sex for a woman = 69

Banging your head against the wall = 75

A cold shower = 600

What have we learned?


…humor happens

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  1. Nicholas
    Nicholas says:

    How many calories for having sex in a cold shower, while laughing in pleasure while your head is banged up against the wall?

  2. Nicholas
    Nicholas says:

    Does that include a cold shower for both of them? I think the total between the 2 participates would be something like 1600 . Not a bad way to burn some calories (minus the head banging) 🙂

  3. Nicholas
    Nicholas says:

    @Lee I think most woman burn less calories during sex and love making than a man based on some biology and physics. Most women’s body mass is less than most other men’s body mass. Even though, the vast majority of our body mass is water, men have billions of more cells in their body than women. Each one of those cells needs more energy. This means most men burn more calories at rest then most women. I think that just extends mostly in a linear relationship to calorie burn during sex and love making. I agree, it is a little unfair.

  4. Nicholas
    Nicholas says:

    So there are situations where a woman’s physiology can be more advantageous. For example, based on physiology alone, women are probably better suited to be a fighter pilot who can resist blacking out under high g force load. The distance between the heart and the brain is less in shorter people. Women tend to be shorter than men so all else being equal a shorter woman should be able to resist g force induced loss of consciousness better than men 🙂


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