‘BROKEN quotation’ #16

Since breaking both of my ankles, I’ve discovered some hidden abilities I never knew I possessed.

During middle school I joined junior varsity basketball…and became the team’s official ‘Benchwarmer’.

Yet, in my wheelchair, I’m ‘Most Valuable Player’ & nicknamed ‘Lil Lebron’.

Also, I find it ludicrous that I’ve never been proficient at parallel parking, but in my chair I can turn on a dime and am more precise than a Volvo!

I’m like freakin’ Wonder Woman on wheels!


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  1. John
    John says:

    Oh Piggy, Oh Piggy, a creature so divine…lol
    You’re funnier than ever and moving on with life, while showing all of us your moves. Glad you have made the best of all situations to come out on top.


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