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‘BROKEN quotation’ #16

Since breaking both of my ankles, I’ve discovered some hidden abilities I never knew I possessed. During middle school I joined junior varsity basketball…and became the team’s official ‘Benchwarmer’. Yet, in my wheelchair, I’m ‘Most Valuable Player’ & nicknamed ‘Lil Lebron’. Also, I find it ludicrous that I’ve never been proficient at parallel parking, but […]

Chapter 4: The Besties and the Beasties

Now would be a good time to discuss the effects my “broken” status has had on friends and loved ones. I should first explain a little about myself. I am a friendly, outgoing person, who never knows a stranger’s face. I have countless acquaintances, but allow only a select few close to me. I’m stubborn, […]

‘BROKEN quotation’ #7

One of my Home Health Aides confided: “I’ve thought about it all night, and I just can’t figure it out; how to you have sex with the pig?” Horrified, I immediately told her, “I do NOT have sex with Officer!” She explained that with Officer being so protective of me, she didn’t know how I could […]

Chapter 3: Home Health Care

A few day after arriving home from the hospital, my home health aide arrived – laptop in hand.  My mom was still cleaning up Officer’s vomit, which seemed never ending as the discovery of new piles continued. I reclined in bed unable to move. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because Officer was snuggled up alongside me, while […]

Chapter 2: After the Fall

March 28, 2016 SPLAT! Sprawled out in the “unloading only” lane, I realized I’d fallen, and I can’t get up! There was nothing beneath my feet when I stepped down. I know there had been a yellow painted railing to my left marking the gutter, but I stepped to the right of that. OMG, I’m […]

Chapter 1: Before the Fall

It all began on my September 2015 39th birthday – OMG, I discovered my first gray hair. By evening, my day hadn’t gotten any better. I told my sister I’d go with her to some meeting at my niece’s high school. What I didn’t know; however, was we’d be learning the new math curriculum they […]