Chapter 1: Before the Fall

It all began on my September 2015 39th birthday - OMG, I discovered my first gray hair. By evening, my day hadn't gotten any better. I told my sister I'd go with her to some meeting at my niece's high school. What I didn't know; however, was…
You know you live in a small town when there is no one left to date but your ex-husband!

The Kegel

Florence, my 72 year old widowed neighbor, is in incredible shape. Taking her regular evening walk past my house with her two Bichon Frise, Thelma and Louise, I commented that walking must be more beneficial than my gym membership because…
A writer will never stop writing. Only when there are no words left will the story end.
Being a writer is the greatest revenge. Not only can you "write" wrongs, but you also get the last WORD!